About the company

The range of products is more than 300 items. Products of TD "Dobrobut" are made with the use of modern confectionery technologies and only from natural ingredients according to the company's recipe. All products of TD "Dobrobut" are certified.

Our products

Due to the presence of modern technological lines, unique recipes and product quality control at each stage of production, confectionery TD "Dobrobut" has always been in high demand and popularity. Today the confectionery production of our company is engaged in release of various cakes, pastries, pies.

How we work

The production process is automated, using equipment from world-famous manufacturers from Italy, England and Germany. Due to the high quality and flexible pricing policy, Dobrobut TD products are successfully sold in all regions of Ukraine. A network of shops and cafes has been created, which is expanding every year.

A little about us

Why us?


We use only the best ingredients for our products.

The best technologies

We are always updating and improving our baking technologies.

Professionalism of employees

Training, advanced training, study of professional literature, etc.). This is an integral part of a good employee!

Storage conditions

We care about the quality and freshness of our product, so we bake absolutely everything and send it to our partners: and customers immediately from the "oven".

Always in trend

Development of a system of customer incentives, including bonuses, affiliate and referral programs, as well as loyalty programs

Quality control

All products go through two quality control stations to ensure that our products have the best taste and appearance.

Our team

The best workers

Sochenko Igor
Central Ukraine
Distributor Manager Tel. 066 219 41 62
Boyakov Igor
Eastern Ukraine
Sales Manager