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Dobrobut Trading House


About us

Trading house "Dobrobut" — a company about the production of confectionery products, it has been operating on the Ukrainian market for 20 years.

The product range is more than 300 items. The products of Dobrobut Trading House are production using modern confectionery technologies and only from natural ingredients according to a company recipe. All products of TD Dobrobut are certified.

The production process is automated; the equipment of world-famous manufacturers from Italy, England, and Germany is used. Due to the high quality and flexible pricing policy, the products of Dobrobut Trading House are successfully sold in all regions of Ukraine. A network of shops and cafes has been created and is expanding annually.

Dobrobut Trading House is a repeated participant and laureate of specialized regional exhibitions and competitions, has a number of diplomas and awards for its significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian market.

Why we

Constantly to develop, to offer a new, improve, and look to the future - such goals are set by the team of TD "Dobrobut" in the process of its activity.

We deliver
products own transport.

We use
multilevel system
quality control.

More than 300
products. All products
are certified.



Our prices are in quarantine!


Our prices are in quarantine!

Due to quarantine in our country, foodstuffs rapidly began to rise in price. . Our dear partners, these are very difficult times for business, but the Dobrobut company will not raise prices for its products, we ask you…


Social responsibility of TD Dobrobut and Coronovirus


Social responsibility of TD Dobrobut and Coronovirus

You always need to start with yourself ... . On the territory of Ukraine quarantine is introduced and an emergency we are a socially responsible company, which has implemented all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health…


At the cafe


At the cafe "Marichka" held a master class

Day off of the club "Child's Dreams" for PS / DDST # Zheltovodskogo TSSSSDM Thematic group "Guests on the doorstep" / preparation for self-improvement.


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Our addresses

Main office

52200, Ukraine, Zhovti Vody, Zaliznychna st., 2,
phone: +380(96) 681-07-23
e-mail: info@dobrobut.com.ua

"Prifitrolka" shop

52207, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk rg.,
Zhovti Vody, Kozatskiy slavy st., b. 10,
phone: +380(5652) 2-50-47

"Marichka" shop

52201, Ukraine, Днепропетровская обл.,
Zhovti Vody, Franka st., b. 3,
phone: +380(5652) 2-50-47

"Dobrobut" shop

52209, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk rg.,
Zhovti Vody, Dzerzhinskogo st., b. 5,
phone: +380(5652) 2-50-47