TD “Dobrobut” launched a new confectionery line

December 12. The confectionery shop TD "Dobrobut" which is situated on the street. Gagarin was opened a new production line for the production tubes of dough .This will create new jobs and expand the already wide range of welfare products.

Dobrobut Trading House does not stand still, it is being improved, production is develop, modern technologies are being introduced, and production facilities are constantly being updated. In the manufacture of confectionery products here use innovative equipment from European manufacturers.

Welfare management borrows the experience of making treats from abroad and returning to Ukraine, trying to reproduce the same wonderful taste in its own products. That is why the products of Welfare are always distinguished by consistently high quality. But it would be impossible to produce treats to European standards without the right equipment.

On Wednesday, Dobrobut launched a confectionary line from partners from Germany. The new machine forms and bakes the dough tubes, which are then filled with various fillings.

A delegation from the Executive Committee of the City Executive Committee headed by Mayor Volodymyr Abramov visited the presentation of the technological line. Representatives of a German company were also present to start and set up the equipment.

Observing the process of the first batch of sweets, Mayor V. Abramov noted that the authorities always support the local producer. These are not only direct revenues to the city budget, but also new jobs. Thus, with the advent of the new German line, the Dobrobut TD will have six additional jobs.

In his turn, the owner of Dobrobut TD Igor Anatoliyovich Zatinatsky said that without the support of the authorities and creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurs, business development would be impossible. Now the company is developing and promoting a local manufacturer.