TD “Dobrobut” celebrated Halloween

Trick or Treat. Jokes and masquerades celebrate the bright and spooky Halloween in late October. Although this holiday is rooted in the United States, American traditions are eagerly adopted in Ukraine. Themed parties are one of the favorite pastimes of our youth. They also came to Zheltye Vody. As always, the Dobrobut Trading House has prepared a wonderful surprise for the townsman - a crazy party in the best traditions of celebrating Halloween.

Everyone who came to the Dobrobut Cafe last Saturday was greeted with amusement, dancing until midnight and a sea of bloody punch. Witches and werewolves, vampires and lively ghosts were delightful and at the same time terrifying. Each guest could become one of them and change their image directly for the holiday, using the services of make-up artists. And may take a photo in the photographic area with Count Dracula himself.

Photoshoots, entertainment, contests and dance battles were prepared with the assistance of the Experiment development studio led by Alena Vinnik. The organizers of the holiday are grateful to everyone who has joined the preparation. And especially for the guests, for whom, in fact, we do this. “We have been preparing for a long time, planning costumes and scenery,” says private entrepreneur of “Dobrobut” TD Anatoliy Zatinatsky. “Every year we try to make it better than ever before, we learn and develop. We are very grateful to the townsmanwho support us, come and have fun with us. Many guests have already come in costumes, creating a unique holiday atmosphere. It is the townsman that inspires us with new ideas.