Social responsibility of TD Dobrobut and Coronovirus

You always need to start with yourself ... .

On the territory of Ukraine quarantine is introduced and an emergency we are a socially responsible company, which has implemented all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the National Security and Defense Council in its enterprise:

1. The network of our cafes has ceased operations. (We work for home delivery) shops are open until 18:00.

2. All workers were provided with protective masks and disinfectants, which are in accessible places for quick disinfection.

3. Cleaning every 3 hours with disinfectants.

4. We do not allow people with signs of an infectious disease to work, we conduct temperature screening of workers.

5. Informing all employees on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Posters with information on the prevention of coronavirus infection are placed in offices, in production, in company stores. Instructions were developed for employees on preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

6. For the quarantine period, we introduce an internal culture to greet without handshakes and hugs.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and most importantly, keep calm.